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"Don' let da Horde...die dis day..."

As a companion, he is a wonderful guardian.  He looks out for you and all those in your keep from the shadows, protecting you from dark magic and spirits.  He doesn’t interact in a very friendly manner, and is very firm about what he believes, especially if it has to do with your wellbeing.  He doesn’t hold himself above others, and will be the first to throw himself in the way of an attack to shield those around him as opposed to letting someone else suffer.  He is a strong leader in that sense, a great role model for those that struggle with focusing on themselves to often.  He shows his affection in odd ways, but he will always have your back.

Shadow Hunter Servitor

  • The last true Shadow Hunter, Vol’jin has a set of skills known to no other.  He has a strong bloodline, and a strong sense for what is and isn’t good for his Horde.  Spiritual and prone to the traditions of his clan, he has seen much in his years and hardly gets taken by surprise anymore.  He is a tactician, to an extent, and his plans rarely fail.  He takes all council into consideration, and is one of the few warchiefs to ever realize that there is more to running the Horde than fighting and destroying the Alliance.  Uniting with the Alliance to fight the Iron Horde, he brought the two factions closer together despite his distrust of the Alliance.  He is very picky with who he trusts, and very solid in his convictions, honor, and decisions.  He has a truly unique way of staying guarded while still being firm about everything he says and does.