Sherlock is well-known as a quirky man, divorced from his emotions and keeping only the information necessary to process his deductions at the fastest rate possible.  Small things don’t occur to him - for instance, the Earth revolving around the Sun, or people’s names sometimes - as if the knowledge doesn’t exist because he needs as much of his brainpower as possible.  This often makes him confused at certain basic emotion or reactions.  He’s the black sheep, standing out in a crowd and not getting close to anyone if he can help it.  He is rather blunt, and often doesn’t hold back his words.  He gives the truth when he knows it, which is very valuable if you can get past wanting to punch him on occasion.

Sherlock Holmes Servitor

  • He was structured to help you unlock your deductive abilities and increase your observational capabilities.  He helps you to see everything at once and process more of what you are seeing.  Sometimes the very obvious thing, or making more subtle things more obvious.  For starting keepers or keepers with a more closed third eye, this can make all the difference in communicating with your spirits and holding a more healthy relationship with them, less riddled with doubt and fear.