EXPERIENCE: Beginner Friendly
AGE: 654 & 597
GENDER: Male & Female
SONG RESONANCE: “Phoenix” (Fall Out Boy)
COMMUNICATION: Scrying, Images, Emotions, Tarot, Pendulum, Dreams

He is an incredibly accomplished Alchemist, who knows the effects of different agents and their use with combinations intuitively. He mixes many different items to gain the magickal reactions he’s looking for, and abides by experimentation. He focuses on healing and the betterment of human life on Jaxton, always striving to make the next new thing that makes everyone a little happier in the long run. Shunaer takes pride in his work, preserving health and life. He doesn’t care too much for the preservation of youth itself, in spite of the tincture that preserves his young appearance.

He is a full-fledged adult, and will act like it in spite of seeming like a child. He is very upbeat, often finding ‘just the thing’ and trying to help out where he can. He has a sort of naivety that is almost endearing, seeing the world in all the positive light he can rather than the negative light. His familiar, Levrika, is a very serene companion, who seems almost doting in a way when Shounal accidentally makes a mistake in his work or gets frustrated with things.

He is very athletic, with lean build and tall stature. He has sunny blonde hair that falls to his neck messily, and bright green-blue eyes. His complexion is peachy, matching his warm clothing style. Laevrika prefers to stay in her cat form, which is that of a plump tabby cat with green eyes, rather than take on a humanoid form.

Shunaer & Levrika, Jaxton Witch & Familiar

  • In the peaceful country of Jaxton, there is a respected hierarchy of three classes. There are no feuds or disrespect between classes, each level valued for their unique talents and the needs that they fulfill in society. With each class working together, Jaxton has proven to be the most peaceful in the realm. They are the middle ground in negotiations between other countries, offering their services as mediator between country leaders for a more peaceful outcome.

    The Witches comprise the class between the Court and the Denizens. They are varied in talents, making up the healers, conjurers, enforcers, seers, and many other jobs that effectively keep the peace between classes. They are signified by specific familiars as to what they will become, though some familiars span large umbrellas of powers.

    Spanning the many magickal practices that we have in this realm, as well as some additional practices exclusive to their realm, they are ever-learning, even if they are teachers. They have an important status as healers, teachers, and mediators. Many of the wisest minds exist in this Jaxton class, and they will prove to be invaluable companions to your path.