We often want to hear from our companion, and while tangible thought is an appreciated method, there's sometimes a miscommunication in the translation of specific words. While there are many popular mediums, it isn't always possible to get exactly what they try to convey, especially when you don't know the questions to ask.


In this eleven-card spread, I will allow the spirits themselves to decide what to talk about. When I communicate with them, they will select their topic and give some insight on the things they feel they need to get across to you. Whether small things, big things, observations, or ideas, they will pick a card to convey what they feel is necessary at that moment in time.

Sincerely, Me Spread


    • Bleu Cat
    • Egyptian
    • Epic
    • Night Sun
    • Raven's Prophecy
    • Robin Wood
    • Steampunk
    • True Black
    • XIII



    • Angelarium
    • Barbieri Zodiac
    • Halloween
    • Tough Shit Tarot



    • The Clow
    • The D (Playing Cards)
    • Narwhals (Playing Cards)
    • Unstable Unicorns
    • Varg Clans (Playing Cards)