EXPERIENCE: Intermediate
AGE: 7,339
GENDER: Female
SONG RESONANCE: "I Will Fail You" (Demon Hunter)
COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Images, Telepathy, Dreams


MANIFESTATIONS: Soft Voices, Shifting Shadows, Light Orbs, Dim Candle Flames, Thin Smoke, Cold Chills, Pins and Needles Sensations, Ringing in Ears


PREFERRED MAGICK: Shadow Work, Psychopomp, Grief, Empathy, Processing Emotions, Cleansing, Energy Work, Protection, Banishment, New Beginnings, Guidance


STRENGTHS: Skavessi focuses on the state of one's soul and existence.  This often leads to her helping out with processing what you're experiencing at any given time to come to peace with it.  She doesn't focus too heavily on shadow work, finding it only necessary in certain conditions and often detrimental when done incorrectly.  She is very sensitive to the energies and emotions around her, using those to know what approach to take with her companion to help them get through the troubling times most efficiently.  She seems to attract the lost to her, whether living or past, and you may find people approaching you for guidance or just to talk if she's around.

PERSONALITY: She is a very calm, level-headed being.  She doesn't seem to carry her own emotions, though has mentioned that she contains her emotions when she is around others so she is unbiased in her work.  She is dedicated to helping those around her come to peace, very selfless in her choice of action.  She has an excellent work ethic, often encouraging those around her to better their own if they have a habit of taking too many breaks or not being productive with their time.  She is a very structured, organized being and has stated that she will work to help bring this to her companion as well.

APPEARANCE: She is an older Skool Angeis, in spite of her youthful appearance.  Under her bone white markings, she has a medium sienna skin tone, her smooth features a bit sharp and angular.  She has a thin build, rather tall and seemingly towering with how she hovers on her black wings.  Her markings are a matte white color, a rounded skull on her face.  Her eyes are pure silver, her pupils matching the color.  She allows her ash pink hair to fall around her shoulders openly, keeping the hood of her cloak down at most times. She dresses primarily in loose black robes, her black wings poking out of the back.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Heavy Metal Music, Evocative Art, Cathartic Emotional Release, Meditation, Selenite, Rhodochrosite, Feathers, Wine



Skavessi, Female Skool Angeis

  • The spiritual realms of Marceil are split between other planes and pantheons, easy to confuse and become lost in without guidance.  The Skool Angeis are the guardians of the Marceilan afterlife, traversing the many different planes to help those who have recently passed find their proper place to rest their soul.  They are the only known spiritual being in this realm, as they do not permit the living to pass into other planes to discover any others.


    The Skool Angeis are revered as immortals, though it is unknown exactly how long their life span may be.  They retain their forms indefinitely, not aging in any perceptible rate.  They are not subject to the desaturating energies of Marceil, instead retaining their coloring.  They are tall humanoids with inky black wings in form, not permitted to leave the realm they reside in without their 'markings.'  Their markings are skull-like makeup styles on their faces, distinguishing them from other Marceilan beings.  You can generally tell their age from how traditional their markings are, some of the more recent Angeis featuring neon markings rather than black and white.


    As guardians of the afterlife, they hold a strong connection to death in its many forms.  They help with acceptance and tolerance, as well as empathetic abilities.  There is a calming energy they possess that makes it hard to give in to panic in situations, helping a companion ground and center themselves.  They are excellent protectors, very attuned to energies and able to find shortcomings in your warding.  They hold incredible wisdom, helping you work out situations by leading your thoughts in a way that you can process the happenings around you.