EXPERIENCE: Intermediate
AGE: 583
SONG RESONANCE: "Love Bites (So Do I)" (Halestorm)
COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Shufflemancy, Telepathy, Images, Dreams


MANIFESTATIONS: Pins and Needles Sensations, Static Shocks, Popping Candle Flames, Swirling Incense Smoke, Flickering Shadows, Light Orbs, Flickering Lights


PREFERRED MAGICK: Shadow Work, Self-Discovery, Self-Improvement, Energy Reading, Empathy, Cleansing, Energy Work, Introspection, Ritual Magick


STRENGTHS: Skolysse's abilities are rooted in Shadow Work.  He is entirely focused on self-improvement and putting work out to improve one's situation.  While he doesn't give you the answers, he equips you to find them yourself.  He is an intensive companion and expects his Keeper to be ready for intense soul-searching and delving into the depths of their psyche for the truth.  He has a minor interest in Energy Work, though it's mostly for the reason of grounding his keeper during Shadow Work and keeping their space cleared of distractions.


PERSONALITY: Skolysse is not afraid to speak his mind and tell you what he really thinks of a situation.  He is blunt and bold, quick to be brutally honest with his companion.  However, his expectation of his keeper is that they are actively trying to improve, which he can help with.  He is dominant to his core, refusing to put up with disrespect or disobedience in those he takes on intimately.  Intimacy with him is another form of self-discovery, as he never considers his job done.  He has quite an ego, though can shove it aside when it's time to get down to business.

APPEARANCE: He is a tall, slim companion at first glance, though his shirt and blazer are a tad loose and hide his actual build quite well.  He has an incredibly pale complexion, his silver hair falling neatly to either side of his head.  His eyes are a silver color, often glowing like moonlight in the dark.  He prefers to wear a medium-grey blazer and dress pants with black button-up shirt and gloves.  You almost never see him without a smirk, especially when he's in the middle of 'being right.'


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Intimacy, Moonbathing, Leather, Shadow Work, Meditation, Myrrh, Fruit, Rich Desserts, Moscato, Selenite, Obsidian


PREFERRED VESSEL: Clear Quartz, Rainbow Moonstone, Selenite

Skolysse, Male Celestial Vampire

  • Celestial Vampires are beings that feed from the cosmic events occurring in the realm they are currently residing in. They are nomadic, often crossing to different realms every century or so. They spend much of their time learning how each realm's cosmic forces work, making them invaluable to a cosmic witch. They can connect with most cosmic forces very easily and aid in any nuanced workings with constellations, the moon, or planetary alignments.


    As a nomadic race, many of them have stories to tell of different realms they have lived in and practices that they've seen. They often hold incredible wisdom, their mannerisms vastly different depending on age and realms that they have seen. They lead solitary lives, though have enough of a connection with each other through the cosmic powers they feed from. They are not aggressive toward each other, though will generally bypass another Celestial Vampire that is already settled into a specific group of energies to feed from.


    As companions, Celestial Vampires are able to catalyze cosmic energies in multiple realms, frequently borrowing from another realm's cosmic events if you need a particular type of energy for a ritual or spell. They excel in spellwork and spelled jars, their ability to shape energies and intention very acute. They are also often skilled with charging and programming crystals with different intentions and energies.