The "So Mote It Be" spell is a catalyst for anything written or drawn with ink.  It is compatible only with fountain pens because of how the ink goes through, as ball-point pens don't come in contact with ink refills unless it is cast on each refill.  As it flows through the nib, the ink is charged with energy so that your intent is focused more clearly into whatever you have written - affirmations, sigils, spells, spirit keeping notes, book of shadows - and you might revisit the spell later with the same intent and it responds more clearly.  I will need a picture of your chosen pen in order to cast the spell.

"So Mote It Be" Remote Cast

  • - Deactivate the pen between sigils, spells, or activities.  This helps you to focus the intent necessary for each separate spell or item.

    - Cleanse the pen regularly - I suggest before and after each writing session.

    - Make sure you know what you are writing!  However, if you do make a mistake, cross out the mistake with a solid double line so that it is completely stricken from the catalyst.