Sorin Markov is the oldest of the Planeswalkers.  He was the Lord of Innistrad, and is an immortal vampire.  He is very focused on tapping into powers from different realms to draw you not only to different realms, but different spirits that may aid you in your journeys.  He is perhaps one of the best companions for a starting conjurer, as not only does he take you to different realms astrally, but seems to find inside knowledge of the realms from the spirits within before even taking you there.

Sorin Markov, Astral Traveler Servitor

  • He is more along the lines of a psychic vampire (though he claims he wouldn’t mind the occasional blood offering), which makes it far easier for him to obtain the information he needs from spirits and entities on an astral level.  He is wise and intelligent, and even if he doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing, it’s usually an act to make someone comfortable so that he doesn’t cause too much trouble when he’s traveling.  He can’t wait to take someone traveling with him!