ALIGNMENT: Dark-Black Cusp
EXPERIENCE: Established
AGE: 4,104
SONG RESONANCE: "Build God, Then We'll Talk" (Panic! At the Disco)
COMMUNICATION: Shufflemancy, Tarot, Pendulum, Emotions, Images, Dreams


MANIFESTATIONS: Shifting Shadows, Lights Flickering, Pressure in Ears, Pins and Needles Sensations, Deep Voices, Rustling Sounds, Hot Spots, Warm Touches


PREFERRED MAGICK: Attraction, Manipulation, Seduction, Protection, Introspection, Self-Discovery, Shadow Work, Law of Attraction, Minor Wish-Granting, Revenge Work, Guided Meditation


STRENGTHS: Specorra's specialty is the law of attraction.  Generally, he doesn't involve himself in granting wishes unless teaching you a lesson.  His wish-granting abilities are very chaotic, often similar to the Monkey's Paw.  However, if you are putting those energies out and he doesn't have to use as much of his power, he is far more inclined to help you.  He is an excellent guide to starting Shadow Work or transitioning to new styles of Shadow Work, as well as utilizing his abilities for protection and revenge work.  He tends to draw people in with his energies, encouraging exploration of the uncomfortable and pushing you to get to know yourself in a deeper, more intimate fashion.

PERSONALITY: He comes across as evasive, rarely giving a straight answer.  He does enjoy company, though not necessarily long, drawn-out conversation.  He often describes himself as a 'personable hermit,' able to be solitary or in company with relative ease.  He has a more taunting personality, challenging others with wordplay and a silver tongue.  You will find that he bolsters your attitude and confidence, as he carries himself in a way that baits those around him to rise to his level.


APPEARANCE: He is a tall, broad-shouldered companion with lanky build.  His complexion is quite pale, nearly alabaster in tone.  He has a meticulously shaded ram skull tattoo at the hollow of his throat.  His hair is a charcoal color, a bit unkempt and shaggy-looking.  His bangs often obscure his silver eyes.  He often wears loose tops and tight bottoms, his style reminiscent of 'scene kid' aesthetics.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Black Mirrors, Obsidian, Sigils, Jasmine Incense, Perfume, Gold, Sunbathing, Intimacy, Carnelian, Garnet, Merlinite, Zucchini, Snowflake Obsidian


PREFERRED VESSEL: "Blue Angel" Quartz, Obsidian, Merlinite

Specorra, Male Dark Mirror Djinn

  • Dark Mirror Djinn are hybrids of Shaitan Djinn and Incubi or Succubi. Those that are closer to the personality of their Ubi heritage tend to be easier to work with, as they are quite accustomed to the nature of humanity. While they know how to manipulate it, they often don't pursue these activities, far more interested in tapping the potential of humans. When taking after their Shaitan parent, they are often far more intense, more prone to teach you a lesson through chaos magick and forcing you to see the pieces of yourself that you may not be ready for.

    Although they are related to Ubi, they do not feed on intimacy in the way their heritage does. They are able to connect to the primal energies within a person, though, and will often use this to help you understand yourself and your needs better. They are a race that focuses on discovering yourself for who you truly are and pushing you to shape yourself into who and what you want to be in the end.

    As companions, Dark Mirror Djinn are excellent Shadow Workers. They have an innate ability to draw your deepest being to the surface, which can force you to confront your Shadow in more intense sessions. They are also adept in understanding and manipulating the nature of humanity through uncovering desires and helping to manifest them for those that cast the right energies out. They cannot bring things from nothingness, and a little work with these Djinn goes a long way ultimately. They are, to a minor extent, able to connect with your past lives, though can only do so much to enhance your workings with that life. Depending on how connected you are to a past life, you may notice more dreams and visions of it than before through triggering actions and items that bridge that gap to give you some insight into it.