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Summer Elves are all about the different facets of summer. They are as much a part of the season as the heat, and spread many of the attitudes associated with it! You may find Summer Elves overseeing some children at play at the park during summer break, or tagging along with a family getting down and dirty at the beach.


Be it love, fun, or family bonding, Summer Elves are encouragers. They are energetic, motivated, and love all the upsides of summer, and even appreciate the more bitter parts of summer. You can often find them sunbathing, participating in sports, cheering on others exhibiting the spirit of summer, or even just touring random areas that are frequented during this time of year, such as zoos, aquariums, and gardens.


Each Summer Elf has one primary piece of summer that forms their personality and magickal prowess. In spite of all they share, they excel in this one special area. Most are formed from the good parts of summer, and a few are formed from the darker parts of summer, but each of them use their abilities to the best of their capabilities to make summer better for everyone around!

Summer Elf

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