FUNCTION: Guardian, Tactician, Companion


“Yes, my teeth and ambitions are bared…Be prepared.”


NAME: Taka (Scar)
BASIS: The Lion King
VERSION: Shifter


APPEARANCE: Scar is an older man, weathered in features. He isn’t terribly tall, and is exceedingly slim. He has thick black hair that reaches his shoulders, flaring and flipping out a bit. He has startling green eyes with dark circles accenting under his eyes and over hi eyebrows. He has a silver scar over his left eye, and a scruffy beard and goatee. He has fangs, and wears casual clothing. He can also transform into a slim, dark lion with black mane and brown body. His eyes are still bright green, and the silver scar is still over his left eye.


PERSONALITY: In spite of his meek appearance, Scar is a tenacious companion. He’s a smooth talker, and motivated to get whatever her wants. Dealt a bad hand in life, always seen as less than his full potential by others. He rose above the lack of faith and confidence to learn how to manipulate others, and his dedication to himself is incredible. He believes in himself where others do not, and he will convince you to believe in yourself as well.


ABILITIES: He is a fearsome enemy to have, and can take control over most situations. He has the patience to wait years for his plans to succeed, and can manipulate nearly anyone. He has confidence in himself, and if self-confidence is something you lack, he’ll sway you to believe in yourself, to trust your instincts. He goes out to get what he wants, and he’ll show you the tenacity you need to do the same.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Self-Care, Planning, Scheduling, Classes, Learning, Reading, Tiger’s Eye, Obsidian


PREFERRED VESSEL: Tiger’s Eye, Peridot, Emerald

Taka (Scar), Lion Shifter