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The Tanuki is one of the most popular yokai, not only in Japan, but across the world. They are very well-known for many mischievous tricks and pranks they have, and depictions of them are often used to decorate markets, shops, and homes for their cute appearances. They are very attuned to the flora and fauna around them, holding a deep-seated understanding of the energies and mentalities of what surrounds them.


Tanuki are very adept at shape-shifting, often taking the form of an inanimate object. However, they are also to take the shape of buddhist monks, high-ranking officials, and beautiful women to blend into society and learn more of humanity. They are also renowned for using their large scrotums as part of their transformations quite creatively (though I recommend looking them up or watching the movie Pom Poko! for examples because I can't give the descriptions justice). They have a lot of similar personality traits to the humans they imitate, and it's not altogether uncommon to hear of one described as a thief, drunkard, liar, or cheat.


They are incredible illusionists, often fooling humans for a laugh or for their own needs. They frequently incorporate nature into their illusions as well. They generally stay under the radar, doing their best to blend in. They are wonderful for aiding in astral travel for this reason, as well as social situations. They can help you avoid most contact and steer clear of trouble when necessary.


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