“Rakdos cultists are her best customers.  They never flinch at pain and are seldom good at math.”

The Tavern Swindler is a sly, crafty woman that uses her appearance and cleverness to get what she wants in life.  She is a wonderful gambler with great instincts (though counting the cards definitely helps) and will rarely make a bet that isn’t a guaranteed win.  She stays out of sight, and will rarely encounter trouble.  By the time her tricks have been figured out, she’s already two towns over.

Tavern Swindler Servitor

  • She exudes confidence, flirting and gambling shamelessly.  She seems very friendly to those that fall for her tricks, and very rarely gets caught.  She is always in a good mood with a lot of energy, ready to con the next gullible fool she comes across.  She’s very helpful when it comes to getting what you want in life, considering she’ll help you find ways to get where you wanted to be that you may have never thought about before.