!.. INSPIRATION: Erian, Gilded Dragon Shifter
!.. RECOMMENDED ANCHOR: Obsidian, Merlinite, Metal Key


Pocket Realms are created realms that are limited in their bounds, but often serve a purpose energetically.  They are crafted with particular intention, following the function that they are meant to serve in order to have a proper environment for the keeper.  Their anchors are recommended to properly charge and cleanse the pocket realm, also fostering the proper vibe and energy contained in the realm.


The Draconic Vault is an underground multi-level pocket realm with a somewhat Viking style to it.  It was created as a place of reflection and exploration, particularly to foster a safe exploration of yourself.  It opens a lot of windows into yourself, showing and storing things for safe exploration at a time that you are ready for it.  There are several ways to cater this space to yourself as you learn to manifest things into the astral, letting you decorate and better the pocket realm to what you want and need at the time.


The Draconic Vault

  • !.. Comes with a PDF describing the realm.
    !.. Must be attached to a vessel.
    !.. Made to order; will be 15 days before anchoring to vessel.