An original thirteen-stone cast reads all stones that fall on the reading mat from the cast.  This is a larger reading, and I have found that it tends to offer wonderful advice and insight to where you are currently and your path.

Thirteen-Stone Lithomancy Reading

  • Grounded Casts focus on the influences around you, taking in your current state as a focal point.  It lays down what influences you deal with and how best to deal with them to preserve who you are now and the state that you’re in now.


    Free Casts focus on the internal struggle more than your exterior influences.  It allows the stone to determine who you are now, and convey where you currently stand.  It makes for a very interesting reading that is a lot more in-depth, and occasionally more harsh about who you are and what you should change about yourself for a more fulfilling life.

  • Please give me up to 2 weeks to complete your order.  I have to function as a subtle witch, and often don't immediately have time to sit down for a reading and typing it up.


    Your readings will be delivered digitally via the provided email, along with an image of the casted stones with the personal stone.