TYPE: Energy Generator
FUNCTION: Grounding, Storm, Electric


POKEMON: Togedemaru
ENERGY TYPE: Grey-Dark Cusp
ELEMENT: Lightning, Earth, Metal


This particular Energy Generator is very good for those who work with Storm magicks, as it has the ability to harness storm and cosmic energies to recharge.  It can generate any number of Earthen energies as well, primarily regarding mineral and crystal energies as opposed to floral energies.  It is also able to generate storm energies, particularly relating to lightning energies.


It enhances wardings in particular, giving them a more energetic charge when the energies are applied to them.  It also is very good for needed energy channeling, as it balances the unruly storm magicks with a grounding undercurrent to aid in keeping yourself controlled while channeling these energies.


RECOMMENDED VESSEL: Lightning Glass, Obsidian, Smoky Quartz, Yellow Aventurine