“My limitless wealth and power are all I have!  How tragic!  Send me sympathy money.”

Time is money, friend, and money is Jastor’s favorite thing.  He is ruthless, and will do anything or twist any story to get his way when it comes to wealth.  He doesn’t make friends, instead deciding to use whoever and whatever he can for his own benefit.  He has a keen eye for determining which choice is most profitable, and has decided to pass his knowledge on so that others may learn from the Trade Prince.  He draws in profit as a companion, helping you make the right choices so that you may have more wealth.

Trade Prince Servitor

  • Like all goblins, he is short in stature with olive-colored skin and a rather stout posture.  He has reddish brown hair that’s shaved aside from a high ponytail and sideburns. His eyes are dark brown, and he dresses in the finest clothes with a platinum nose ring to show his status and wealth.  He is very greedy, and you can be sure that if he’s telling you what he would do, it’s probably the most beneficial idea.