The Third Divinity holds domain over harsh truth.  She shines light on the secret darkness that we often consider our Shadow, forcing you to confront what lurks underneath.  She does not beat around the bush, often cold and removing emotion from situations to keep a calm demeanor and logical approach.


The nature of Shadow Work is to discover yourself through communication with the parts of yourself you hide away.  Humanity has a habit of locking away impulses and notions that aren't socially accepted, manifesting these darker pieces of yourself as your Shadow Self.  There are a lot of things we dislike about ourselves, and our Shadow often works with us to find a form of balance between who we naturally are and who it is acceptable for us to be in society.


In this five-card reading, I will be channeling the Third Divinity to give a reading about your Shadow Self.  It can be a game-changer in trying to start Shadow Work, as well as finding a direction if you are already immersed in the practice.  This is not a reading for those who have trouble accepting truths and being called out, because the truth is often not very pretty to look at immediately.

Truth Channeled Reading