TYPE: Guardian Shifter Servitor
FUNCTION: Protection, Warding, Honesty, Introspection, Self-Discovery


NAME: Tyrion Lannister
BASIS: Game of Thrones
ELEMENT: Air, Fire


APPEARANCE: Tyrion is a dwarf, less than half the height of most people.  He has a large head, proportionately, with broad features and a slightly pudgy build.  He has dirty blonde hair that is often unkempt, the back of it curling slightly while his bangs are just long enough to fall into his blue eyes.  He is often dressed in black shirts with red leather vest and black leather pants.  He often has a golden embroidered design around the collar of the vest and wears a thick ruby ring on his left hand.  When outside of his human form, he takes on the form of a slimmer lion, his mane scruffy and body build rather lean.  Despite his scrawny appearance, there is an intensity in his piercing blue eyes that you will see nowhere else.


PERSONALITY:  The intellectual of the family, he is often seen reading or completing mental exercises to keep himself sharp.  He loves to learn and see new things, and despite his disabilities, he has a zest for life and adventure.  Every day is something new, and despite the world being against him, his cynicism makes him all the more powerful to those around him.  He has a tongue as sharp as his wit, blunt and honest if he's found someone or something lackluster.  He isn't afraid to tell the truth and insult someone for the sake of calling them out on their actions.  However, if you give this cynical man something to believe in, he will be the most loyal adviser you will ever know.

ABILITIES: He earns his status through cunning and tact, knowing exactly how people work, high born and low.  He has a deep understanding of how humans of all caliber respond to stimuli and what drives them.  He can help his keeper to discover things about themselves with serious introspection.  He is able to create wardings as well, though does so sparingly since enhancing a warding tends to sustain itself more than building one from the start.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Gold, Carnelian, Garnet, Ruby, Wine, Conversation, Lion Imagery, Coins, Books



Tyrion Lannister