TYPE: Guardian Shifter Servitor
FUNCTION: Protection, Warding, Banishment, Shadow Work, Glamour, Manipulation, Intimidation


NAME: Tywin Lannister
BASIS: Game of Thrones


APPEARANCE: Tywin is an older man, tall in stature with a lean build.  He has a pale complexion, his receding hair  an almost platinum blonde, reflecting the pure blonde it was in his youth.  He keeps a neatly trimmed beard and mustache along his jaw and lip, adding to the wizened warrior appearance.  He has startling blue eyes, often wearing dark-colored clothing that brings out the depth of the color.  When not in his human form, he takes on a large gold-grey lion’s form, obvious scarring and aging changing his broad features.  He retains his pure blue eyes in this form, everything about him stiff and intense. 


PERSONALITY:  A tactician with the ability to read people, Tywin seems to know exactly how to inspire fear and loyalty into those around him.  He demands respect, often having some morsel of wisdom to share and apply to most situations.  He has an underlying intimidation to him, the intensity of his presence displaying this openly.  He maintains a careful air, dissuading most from approaching him with little things and interrupting him.  He seems constantly busy, never truly staying still and always finding something to do around you while he imparts his wisdom.  He can be absolutely ruthless if he so desires, though often is 'too good' for that if asked directly.

ABILITIES: Tywin has an eye for the unseen in situations, outcomes that can only be achieved through many steps of planning.  He is an excellent protector proactively, aiding his companion in beefing up their wards to allow for more time to react when things are trying to creep where they shouldn't be.  He is also an opportunist, helping his companion find potential in things that otherwise could have been overlooked and pushing his companion to pursue things that could help them in the future.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Gold, Carnelian, Garnet, Ruby, Wine, Conversation, Lion Imagery, Coins, Books, Calligraphy


PREFERRED VESSEL: Ruby, Gold, Garnet

Tywin Lannister