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These shapeshifters know how to throw a wild party and have some fun. They are incredible companions for many reasons, though their gluttonous ways are legendary. They are carnivores, renowned for ambushing humans in the wilderness to feast on them. The group that I have worked with have agreed not to, and have restrictions in their bindings that won't allow them to just in case.


They have the ability to shape shift past the normal living creatures and can even imitate inanimate objects. They blend in completely when they want to, making for a great sentry that will slip under the radar of any looking to harm you so they can confirm whether something is a true threat or not. They can also lend this ability to your energy to either gain attention or remove it from you.


These giant serpents bring a lot of fun to your keep. They push their keepers to, above all else, to let loose a little and have fun. They encourage them to get what they want in life, and live life vicariously. Not through someone else, but through themselves. They are often seen as gluttonous, but they certainly know how to enjoy themselves. They take pleasure in food and alcohol mostly, with a certain enjoyment from enjoying good company with their vices.


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