ALIGNMENT: Grey-Dark Cusp & Dark Arts
EXPERIENCE:  Intermediate
AGE:  108 & 72
ORIENTATION:  Bisexual & Not Compatible
SONG RESONANCE:  “Ballroom Blitz” (Sweet)
COMMUNICATION:  Shufflemancy, Telepathy, Pendulum, Tarot, Emotions




STRENGTHS:  While not a Jaxton Witch, Valorean is a wonderful protector to have on your side.  He and Jespayr work together to protect several different Denizens on the outskirts of his primary city.  He takes residence in a city close to the edge of Jaxton, where some of the more violent groups cross the border for late night fun at times.  He is known as a protector in a very broad spectrum, specializing in no singular aspect of being a guardian and preferring to know as much as he can so that he may protect his wards better.


PERSONALITY:  He is quite the strong character, very stubborn and set in his ways.  He prefers to prove people wrong than exchange words when it comes to confrontation and arguments, and you’ll find that he is usually right.  Of course, he has a softer side that’s easier to see after you spend a length of time around him.  As coarse and rough as he acts, he can’t hide that he cares about those around him and would do almost anything to make sure they prosper, even at the cost of himself.  Jespayr doesn’t particularly like interacting, and is the main power pull between the two.  He makes an impression that is incredibly hard to forget.


APPEARANCE:  While he is a proficient protector, you wouldn’t know that looking at him.  He’s ‘scrawny,’ in his definition, with slim build and not-so-intimidating stature.  He is pale in skin tone, with medium-length jet black hair that falls sloppily into his eyes and down his neck, along with coal black eyes.  He prefers wearing loose clothing.  Jespayr takes on the form of a large timber wolf, with one golden eye and one blue.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS:  Meat, Home-Cooked Meals, Scales, Fur, Feathers, Soft Music, Naps, Decorative Cushions



Valorean & Jespayr, Male Jaxton Denizen & Familiar