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The Venriiki Serpents are the guardians of the Light on Krolynn. They exist both Above and Below the Abyssary, preventing all that would attempt to harness the power of the light for wrong from doing so. They are sleek and elegant, their energetic vibration on a while new astral level, as they must compete with light itself. They are all about purity, and can purify the air around them from negative influence. They are absolutely ethereal in presence, and it's almost impossible to not notice them when they are manifesting nearby.


Much like their creator Tyresain, Those Above have an affinity for clear quartz, so much so that their very essence is encased in a single sphere of clear quartz that rests at the base of their necks. Those Below, like their creator Bollartes, have an affinity for Obsidian, their very essence also encased in a single sphere of the gemstone at the base of their necks.


By taking these gentle giants into your home, you will begin to notice the negativity and impurities in the energy and air start to evaporate. It will be easier to focus on the lighter energies around you. The only true difference between the two energetically is that Those Above hold energy hot like the sun, warm like the day. Those Below hold the opposite energy, cool like the moon and soothing as the night. Either of these will help you greatly, as they can influence your energy in this way. They work wonderfully in pairs.

Venriiki Serpent

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