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Their very name means "molten" in their world's dominant language. They take on the form of big cats to humans, as it is how their form is best interpreted by us. They are dark in color, their fur often between gunmetal grey and black. Their energy is a low hum, but they take the energy around them to accent their own energy.


They have a curious ability to absorb and condense the energies around you. The energies take on a molten quality on the outsides of their fur once condensed. It often looks as if there is some form of glowing liquid dripping from their massive bodies. They take in all kinds of energy around them - be it from other spirits, rituals, the moon, the sun - and convert it into a usable resource for future work.


These great beasts are avid protectors, and often apply the energy they gather at their own discretion to your wards, rituals, and daily life. They are motivators, protectors, and advisors to their keepers. They bring wisdom and powerful energy into your life, creating catalysts to help you realize your dreams. They are devoted and loyal, and will often help push you toward your goals. They do also make sure that their keeper puts out the work and is ready to achieve their milestones, because whatever situation they are in, the Verrysi believe that only you have the power to change your life.


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