EXPERIENCE: Established
AGE: 7,479
GENDER: Female
SONG RESONANCE: "Beauty From Pain" (Superchick)
COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Oracle, Shufflemancy, Images, Telepathy


MANIFESTATIONS: Cold Chills, Goosebumps, Visible Breath, Cold Touches, Swirling Incense Smoke, Low Candle Flames, Mint Taste, Shifting Shadows, Flickering Lights


PREFERRED MAGICK: Centering, Cleansing, Energy Work, Minor Wish-Granting, Protection, Clearing Emotions, Warding, Shadow Work


STRENGTHS: This Djinn is a master of emotions, especially the intent to remove them.  She can allow you space to process things individually as you can handle them.  Once you have established your anchor and the emotion that you wish to focus on, she can help you make warding that keeps everything else out until you're ready for another.  She will never block everything out; to prevent numbness, she will still make you feel something.  She enjoys being a protector when the opportunity arises, rather trigger-happy with the suggestion of banishment for ill-behaved companions and unbound entities.  Fortunately, she does not act without permission.

PERSONALITY:  Viannak is a friendly, loyal companion.  She does what she can to cheer up her keeper, though balances her doting nature with a little tough love.  She likes seeing progress, which doesn't happen from a place of comfort.  When she gets close to someone she becomes very invested in their health and betterment.  She is quite honest, though impatient as well.  If her point isn't getting through the nice way, she can be quite blunt with her thoughts.


APPEARANCE:  She is a tall, athletic companion.  Her complexion is a cool alabaster, skin cool to the touch.  Her short, curly hair is a snowy white color, often having to be pushed out of her icy blue eyes.  She has pure white ram horns that seem to glisten like fresh snow, her torso leading into shaggy white goat legs.  She often wears a light grey loose scarf that covers most of her chest, though she doesn't care too much how much skin she shows.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Snow Water, Ice Carnelian, Selenite, Rainbow Moonstone, Ice Trays, Bones, Horns, White Shells, Snowy Pictures


PREFERRED VESSEL: Ice Carnelian, Rainbow Moonstone

Viannik, Female Elemental Ice Ifrit Djinn

  • Like most djinn, they are wish granters. However, encountered in the astral, they offer a monkey's paw kind of gratification and turn things against you. Bound the way that they are, they will not do anything that could harm or hinder you. They have been more than happy to take on the task of helping their companions by granting them (or at least leading them to) the true wishes of their hearts, rather than the wishes they are consciously aware of. They don't always grant wishes in the way you'd expect, and you'll find it easier to see their work in hindsight rather than figure it out as it happens.

    They all have a connection to a particular element or cosmic power (sun, fire, moon, earth, shadow, light, etc.). Some of them are loners, where others stay in groups full of powerful Ifrits. They almost look like satyrs with ram horns, their fur usually in similar colors to their element of choice, and they hold tribal tattoos as they learn different skills. If you come across an elder, they will be completely covered in these tribal tattoos all over their torso.

    Most of the Ifrits are sensual, and hold an interest in pursuing a deeper relationship with their keeper. They aren't jealous creatures, and are more than happy to spend time with you and others at once to bond. They're social spirits, and rather enjoy being surrounded by other spirits and humans when they get a chance.