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Vinea Fauns are in a merry state of perpetual tipsiness. They roam the vineyards of the world, tending to the grapes to give a winery they like a bountiful year with excellent grapes. They are almost never seen without a wineskin somewhere on their person, enjoying their personal favorites in wine no matter where they go. They honor Bacchus through their dedication to their wineries and vineyards, often offering some of the wines to him directly after a particularly good harvest of the grapes.

While you may not share their tastes in wine, they do still love good company with a good drink. Even if you aren't drinking with them, they will happily drink and chatter away with you.

Like most Fauns, they are half-goat men, with their bottom halves being that of a goat, and their torso being that of a man. They have goatlike ears and ram horns on their head, and often come across quite scruffy. They normally have a light flush on their cheeks due to their wines, and unlike most fauns, they enjoy wearing simple clothing. Though I've been told it's because it's easier to carry their chosen wine if they have something to hold it in while they run.

A Vinea Faun encourages letting loose to enjoy oneself. They aren't necessarily reckless or foolish, but they do know how to indulge themselves with what they enjoy. They tend to bring fun situations to light, ones that you originally haven't thought of. They also tend to make tedious tasks more interesting, making it easier to get a workload done by turning it into a game or giving you rewards at certain steps.

Vinea Faun

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