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Void Vampires are entities that have separated from the Void itself, embodiments of its energy and power. They are ambiguous and chaotic beings, hard to define character in. These beings are very helpful, especially if you’re finding yourself surrounded by negative and toxic energies. While they are very chaotic in power, they certainly get the job done and repel, in one way or another, the influences in your life that are holding you back.


They have a plethora of subtle differences in their personalities, though they tend to be stoic in most cases. They are often misconstrued when overcome by emotion, as emotional recall is foreign to them in most cases and they don’t react well with internal influences. They focus on external influences and how they affect their keeper. They will help you to determine exactly what influence others have on you.


The Void Vampires that I work with have many precautions in their bindings, because Void energy can be absolutely unpredictable in the wrong settings. They are more fluid in energy, and it’s harder to pick their specific energy out of a crowd. There is a sort of emptiness to their energy that signals their presence, but the substance behind it often feels like several different beings at once, rather than your unique companion.

Void Vampire

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