So if you’re a redhead
A blond or brunette
Just take my advice
And you might just get
The only thing
better than hairspray
That’s me!

Voilet-Backed Starling Songbird Servitor

  • The ever-tolerant Corny Collins is happy to accept changes and likes someone who stands out as opposed to someone who blends in.  He’s a great companion for the outcast, celebrating what makes you yourself.  He is always encouraging you to do what you can to get ahead in life, and do what makes you happy.  One day you’ll change the world, and he’s happy to watch you do it one step at a time!

    He’s a friendly and social being who loves to joke around.  He can get pretty serious when it comes to someone bullying, as he doesn’t abide by bullying and finds everyone to be equal.  He loves to flirt, especially if it makes someone feel better about themselves.  He is all-around a very mood-lifting guy who’s out for a good time and to keep everyone around him smiling.