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Waniguchi are a type of Yokai that were originally inanimate objects. They were formed from shrine bells, the magick of the shrine gathering into the bells over time and eventually becoming a catalyst for the Waniguchi to be born. They are incredible companions, especially if you work regularly with Shinto deities. They are all about delivering prayers to the Shinto deities, and building your relationship with your patrons.


One of the most amazing traits and abilities that they possess is their giant bell heads. This wouldn't be anything spectacular if it wasn't for the calming effect that the hum from their heads shaking creates. As the deep vibrations fill your space, there is a sort of peace that can wash over you and your area. They are amazing aides in meditation, happy to help you clear your head of any negativity and soothe you into a relaxed state of mind.


Bringing a Waniguchi into your keep creates a wonderful atmosphere in your astral space. They have different tones of chime depending on the situation that they face. They are very soothing, especially to companions who may have a difficult time relaxing or getting into a good headspace. They are also very helpful to those who have anxiety, or even bipolar disorder and manic episodes of any kind. (However, do not stop any form of medical treatment you are getting; while they are helpful at times with the symptoms, they should not be replacing medical care that you are currently receiving.)


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