"Baby, it's just me - Dumbledore. So just try to relax and face the facts - you'll feel just like one of the boys! Yes, sir, you're the one professor that I'd want detention from. You're the handsome wizard that I'd want an extension from. I'll get the door, and I'll get much more in a way we can't go wrong with how shamelessly and how famously we're both just getting along."


Albus is confident, and openly a bit cocky. He knows his strengths, and uses them to his advantage. He is seen as a model and protector to others, and generally considers others' safety before he considers his own. He is a very selfless person in nature, though not necessarily the wisest or most intelligent in spite of what others may think of him. His benevolence is his best quality, and he will find many ways to bring this feature out in whoever he comes home to. He also has a very sassy demeanor that can make tense situations an absolute hoot.

White Finch Servitor