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Winter is a necessary season, as deadly as it may seem at times. It is the right time to prepare for spring, and prepare for growth. During this time, it’s a little easier to release the baggage of the past to make way for the glorious future. Although winter itself is part of a cycle, it can mark the ending of cycles and start of new habits in some cases. It can also signal migration; a change of pace and scenery to get yourself refreshed and ready for the next chapter.


Winter Djinn are pale beings that carry a sort of cold with them in their very energy. They all seem to have hair that looks like ice, their eyes taking on a singular color of the season. They all seem to embody some aspect of winter, their eyes usually reflecting what traits they inherited. In spite of their chilly energies, they are often extremely warm and charitable companions.


As a member of any spirit family, a Winter Djinn may draw fortune your way with the changing of the seasons and help you come up with an organized plan of attack. They are often fond of winter holidays - no matter which one you celebrate - and will partake in any familial traditions you practice. They are warm companions by nature, often inclined to perform acts of charity and grant more subconscious wishes than requested wishes. They bring about the ending of cycles, releasing the dormant new beginnings that you’ve been hesitating on to push you to the next level.

Winter Djinn

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