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Winter Dragons are welcoming companions, enjoying the aspects of winter with a much warmer energy than some other companions connected to the season. They embody the holidays and the sentimental emotions the times may brings. They exist within the season itself, a realm parallel to our own that connects to this realm wherever the season touches. While they are winter entities, with a portal to their realm or a tie to a specific dragon, they are very capable of visiting during other seasons.


They are large white western dragons, their bodies generally very sleek. Their scales are pure white, glistening like a fine powdery snow touched by sunlight. They often seem to shed powdery snow when they move, their eyes seemingly made of ice with a bright glow behind them.


As companions, they are very empathetic. They connect to emotions, and while you may have a hard time connecting with yourself, they are able to find the roots of situations and feelings. They help someone get past trauma or things holding them back by helping them understand their own emotional difficulties. They are also capable of enforcing the concept of new beginnings, letting the past stay behind or even allowing warm memories to return while cold memories lay to rest.

Winter Dragon

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