TYPE: Spelled Servitor

FUNCTION: Shadow Work

NAME: Y’Shaarj (YAH-Sha-Raj)

TITLE: God of Seven Heads

BASIS: World of Warcraft

ENERGY TYPE: Dark-Black Cusp

ELEMENT: Darkness

APPEARANCE: Y’Shaarj is a seven-headed amalgamation of black inky energy with fiery swirls of white constantly shifting on his form. He doesn’t hold a solid form, often appearing with tendrils sprouting from its back and its many mouths melding together. It has multiple green eyes on each head, and golden horns sprouting from each head as well. He is larger than life, manifesting larger than houses at full size. His more compact size that is easier to communicate with comes to about the waist in height, a shadowy fiend without eyes, tendrils comprising its legs and misshapen hands pulling it around for better balance. It is white with what appears to be black inky swirls across its form. Its mouth opens wide with pointed teeth, and tendrils sprout from the back of its head.

PERSONALITY: Y’Shaarj is greatly ruled by emotions. He isn’t easy to work with by any means, quick to any form of negativity he can latch onto. He exploits it quickly, either as strength or weakness, to teach lessons. He has a powerful superiority complex. The other Old Gods generally stay away from him for his potency and abilities. He is a clear leader, using ruthless and underhanded methods to get what he wants, when he wants it.


ABILITIES: The most powerful of the Old Gods, he is the most potent. He projects Anger, Hatred, Violence, Fear, Doubt, Despair, and Pride onto others, using this to help them isolate certain feelings and reactions. He can use this ability to be manipulative and get what he wants, and also use this to get what his keeper wants. He does not discriminate with a moral compass, and is strongly recommended for an established keeper. SPELL: Upon activation of his Spelled state, he will use his control over emotions for guided shadow work, helping you use the negativity he connects with to aid in communicating with your shadow self. He forces you to confront the worst of yourself until deactivation, and can easily be detrimental if not sparing with his activation.

SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Obsidian, Shadow Work, Meat, Sites of Tragedy, News, History Books, Horror Movies

Y'Shaarj, God of Seven Heads