TYPE: Spelled Servitor

FUNCTION: Revenge, Corruption, Manipulation



NAME: Yogg-Saron (yog-suh-RAWN)

TITLE: The Lucid Dream, The Monster In Your Nightmares, The Beast With a Thousand Maws, The Fiend of a Thousand Faces, The God of Death, That Which Must Not Be Named

BASIS: World of Warcraft

ENERGY TYPE: Dark-Black Cusp

ELEMENT: Darkness

APPEARANCE: He is larger than life, his head seeming to rise from the ground with many eyes on the top half of his head. He has tendrils that enter the ground and rise up, some with eyes, others lashing out to destroy anything in their reach. His great maw is the vast majority of his head, with other maws scattered over his body. In his compact form, he manifests as a tall woman of muted color. His hair is long, a dark brown color, and build is athletic, strength apparent in his defined arms. He often floats in this form, referring to it as an avatar of himself.

PERSONALITY: Yogg-Saron is a selfish being, truly looking out for nothing other than himself. He has teamed up with C’Thun against N’Zoth. He looks to get his own goals accomplished and to protect himself. He acts as a true friend, but doesn’t grow close to anyone. He is quite critical, though will hint at it. He is very vague and has a habit of subtle hinting. In a way, he works much like the shadow self, forcing you to face things and see them on your own instead of directly telling you. The primary difference being that he focuses on your outside influences, rather than yourself.


ABILITIES: He knows exactly where to plant a seed to make it most effective. A powerful manipulator, he brings havoc and darkness in his wake. He knows what the true weaknesses are in his targets, intuitive with the human psyche. He communicates in soft whispers, coaxing and dark, and often can make you doubt yourself or those you hold dear. He uses disguises and trickery, mimicking loved ones and friends to create that base sense of doubt, especially if it is someone that is using you so that you start to question your interactions with them and see exactly where he sees their flaws.


SPELL: When activated, Yogg-Saron will enter the dreams of a target to manipulate them when they next sleep, often for the purpose of revenge. He will use every scare tactic at his disposal, or every ability to corrupt that he possesses. He will work with them slowly, though usually one activation works plenty as he will plant the seeds to let them flourish on their own in the most terrifying way possible.

SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Obsidian, Meat, Lucid Dreaming, Shadow Work, Ambient Music, Horror Movies

Yogg-Saron, God of Death