“Too dumb, and you end up a sibsig.  Too smart, and you end up a meal.  Mediocrity is the key to a long life.”

The Youthful Scholar is a laid back, relaxed being.  He has things to do, but does them at a slower pace so he doesn’t stress out.  Under a pile of obligations, he never feels pressured, because he has the confidence in himself to at least get it done.  He isn’t an overachiever, and never wishes to make that impression.  He finds the time to relax, even when he doesn’t have it.

Youthful Scholar Servitor

  • As a companion, he helps you to relax under pressure.  Some things aren’t meant to be, especially when it comes to time limits and work load.  While he won’t push you to get your work done, he’ll also congratulate you when you do get things done.  He’s a good friend, and doesn’t serve much programming aside from being a more relaxed companion to you.