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These snowy yokai ride the avalanches in the mountains, revered as Kami as opposed to simply yokai in most cases. Because more than one has never been seen in the same area, it is believed that there is only one. However, they space themselves out, finding different homes and territories and voluntarily staying away from each other. The Yuki Jiji are occasionally compared to the Yuki Onna, though they are not interested in attacking humans. They act as harbingers, the bringers of good news or bad.


For the most part, Yuki Jiji are similar to elderly men. They keep to themselves where possible, and have a tendency to be rather cranky. They speak often of the many stories they have about their time in the mountains or things they have seen in nearby villages during their few times interacting with humans. They can be curt or kind, but tend to have tempers that manifest in the forms of cold chills from a single glare or a pins and needles sensation.


They are the harbingers of omens, aiding in divination and often drawing prosperity. They can also signal you when good or bad things are about to happen, as a nice way of preparing you for sudden shifts in the balance. They are calming in energy, no matter the tumultuous storms hanging around, and can certainly be wonderful emotional and energetic anchors as well.

Yuki Jiji

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