EXPERIENCE: Intermediate
AGE: 482
SONG RESONANCE: "Life of the Party" (Shawn Mendes)
COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Runes, Shufflemancy, Images, Dreams


Zelliah is an incredible diviner, able to understand and learn different mediums for divination intuitively. He is also very good with astral projection and travel, often communicating with his keeper in dreams to keep them aprised of his journeys. He is an adventurer, one who enjoys seeing new things to learn. While he does need a place to call home, he is happiest outside, learning and experiencing all of the new things he can. He has expressed interest in a keeper who's looking to try new things and find new experiences with a friend.


In his human form, he is only about five feet tall, his build slim and lanky. His pale complexion has pink undertones, often lending him a bit of a peachy appearance. He keeps the sides and back of his head shaved, his hair black at the roots but becoming an oil slick gradient of green, teal, and blue as it comes to the ends of his curly locks. His eyes are a vibrant yellow color. His grackle form is small and slim, as opposed to the commonly plump build of his kin. His head is midnight blue, his black feathers possessing an oil slick sheen in direct sunlight.

Zelliah, Male Grackle Shifter