AGE: Unknown
ORIENTATION: Polysexual (Female-Neutral Presenting)
SONG RESONANCE: "Amnesiac" (Kamelot)
COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Runes, Hemamancy, Bone Casts, Shufflemancy, Dreams, Telepathy, Images


MANIFESTATIONS: Goosebumps, Cold Chills, Pressure in Ears, Cold Touches, Scratching Sounds, Flashes of Light, Flickering Flames, Orange, Sour Smells


PREFERRED MAGICK: Void Magick, Chaos Magick, Shadow Work, Energy Work, Cleansing, Banishment, Revenge Magick, Manipulation, Protection


STRENGTHS: He is very attuned with void energies, especially when it comes to using those volatile energies for chaos magick and shadow work.  He tends to draw one to introspection, as he promotes a sensation of isolation with his energies that leave you with nothing other than yourself.  He is a vicious protector, one who will quickly follow up attempts at harming his keeper with revenge actions.  He is incredibly skilled with banishment and also applies that to cleansing when asked of him.  He is intuitive to energies and seems to absorb not only energies, but emotions.  In a turbulent time, he is very capable of numbing outside sensations; however, it should be noted that there is a dangerous draw to void energies for those that feel surrounded by energies and emotions at all times.  Because they make it go away, when one spends too much time working with void energies, it becomes habitual to throw sensations at them, and can result in a lack of energies and sensation within the keeper.

PERSONALITY: Zeqarr is very alluring, something particularly magnetic about him.  He is a strong-willed companion who seems to be very in-favor of self-awakening and self-awareness.  There's something inherently intimidating in his energies, an undercurrent of potential threat.  However, his playful demeanor often leads to introspection and a drive to better yourself.  He can be an incredibly motivator, especially when he gives you the space to breathe.  He isn't terribly flirtatious until he becomes very comfortable with someone, and his flirting is often minimal as he doesn't often engage romantically with someone.  He doesn't get close to people easily, and if he dislikes anyone, he's sure to make it known.


APPEARANCE: He has an average male torso, but it becomes an impossibly black serpentine bottom half.  There is a slight yellow sheen seemingly glowing under his scales in a diamond pattern.  His skin is an ashen color, but is thin that an orange glow under his skin makes his bones slightly visible as a silhouette.  He has black lips, and when he smiles, his teeth are visible as beastly.  He is able to unhinge his jaw, but rarely does it around humans.  He has reptilian eyes, glowing a soft yellow with fiery slit pupils.  His hair is kept very short, pure black with the ends seeming to wisp like they're not solid.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Obsidian, Art, Ink, Fire, Black Candles, Carnelian, Snakeskin, Scales, Divination, Meditation, Poetry


PREFERRED VESSEL: Obsidian, Hematite

Zeqarr, Male Void Naga



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