Dallina, Moonlight Fae Interview

March 25, 2017


ME:  Hello, Dallina!  We’ve only got a few questions, so it shouldn’t take too long for this interview.




ME:  The first question is what are you looking for?  I’m assuming they meant in a companion, or out of life.


DALLINA:  Well, I do hope to have a companion that I can encourage to find their true purpose in life.  Helping others is my life’s purpose, I feel, and I would like to see everyone happy if I can influence them that little bit.  I want to find someone that feels lost or that they need guidance because they have deviated from their path and have to find it once more.


ME:  How could your companion help, were they to bond with you?


DALLINA:  Just by being themselves, really.  I want to help them find the way to where they are meant to be, after all.  If I can’t trust them to be them, then I can’t help them or those around them, can I?  I want to see their happiness, and there’s no way to see that if they struggle so hard to put on face, or not be ‘weak’ as I’ve heard several say in my time here.


ME:  And the final question we’ve received is what is your opinion of day-to-day human life and how does it compare to your own?


DALLINA:  It’s very hectic, watching humanity live.  We watch as you rush, rush, rush.  You hardly experience life, considering every day you’re going from home to work, then back home to sleep.  I watch your lives get wasted and end without much enjoyment until you have worked yourself to the point that there is none.  My own life is relaxed, and we spend day and night dancing among the stars until our moon shines on the human world, and we dance among the fae of your realm.  It is so calm and peaceful, where we live.  We love the peace it brings.  After watching humanity for so long, I feel that I wouldn’t enjoy life as a human.  It is so short, and it goes by before you know it.


ME:  Thank you so much, Dallina!  Is there anything you’d like everyone to know?


DALLINA:  I want to take my keeper to dance in the stars, under the light of the moon.  I want them to know what life could be like if only you could step away from the world for a few minutes.


ME:  Say goodbye to everyone.


DALLINA:  Goodbye!

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